Poetry: Owens, Bennett, Lopez and Baker

Rise by James Owens

"Rise" stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, suggesting that it is precisely through confronting our deepest sorrows that we may find the most profound moments of beauty and transcendence.

"Transfiguration" explores the idea of change--whether it be through the passage of time, the impact of nature, or the deep connections between people. It suggests that beauty and meaning can be found in the ephemeral, in the spaces between words and moments.

"Freakbeat #1" is a deeply emotional exploration of the human need for connection, the search for escape from the mundane, and the painful realities of love and loss. Marty Lopez uses vivid imagery and metaphor to create a piece that resonates with the raw, unfiltered essence of life's most intense moments.

"Breakers" is a poetic exploration of the boundary between safety and freedom, the individual's relationship with nature, and the process of growth and self-discovery. It celebrates the youthful spirit of adventure and the human capacity to find meaning and joy in the face of life's unpredictable waves.

Poetry: Mickelson and Graham

In a humid August kitchen, blue jays squawk as cucumbers, onions, and garlic lie in preparation for pickling. The search for canning supplies consumes days, while memories of a mother's past canning intertwine with reflections on inherited traits and parenting.

At a grave, the narrator receives a box of ashes, the remains of a loved one. Struggling to find poetry in the moment, they recount the cremation process and the stark reality of loss.

In "When the Morning is a Prayer," Kathleen Cassen Mickelson captures the serene beauty of a winter morning in Minnesota. The poem unfolds like a series of cherished gifts:

"Ghost" by James Graham is a hauntingly beautiful exploration of memory and loss. In the quiet aftermath of a loved one's passing, the poet describes the emptiness of a house once filled with life and conversation. As time passes, memories of the departed begin to resurface vividly--their eyes, voice, and laughter lingering like a comforting ghost. Graham's poignant verses capture the enduring presence of those we have lost, transforming grief into a gentle daily companion that brings solace and quiet strength. This poem is a touching tribute to the enduring power of love and memory.

Fiction: Robinson, Fitzpatrick, Landrum, Colbert

"Whitey Van Ness" by Bill Frank Robinson is a compelling and heartfelt narrative that captures the essence of human connection and the unexpected paths life can take. Through its memorable characters, evocative settings, and thought-provoking themes, the story offers a rich and satisfying reading experience that resonates long after the last page is turned.

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A captivating tale set in an Irish pub, where community, creativity, and a unique lying competition unite locals. Amid economic hardship, this heartwarming story weaves humor, tradition, and an unexpected twist involving the FBI, celebrating the enduring power of storytelling and community spirit."

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At its core, the story explores themes of redemption, resilience, and the transformative power of art -- whether it be through acting, music, or other creative outlets. Sossity's journey from a place of personal turmoil to one of advocacy and support for Leah signifies a broader commentary on the importance of compassion, community, and the role of art in reflecting and addressing societal issues.

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Colbert masterfully navigates the protagonist's journey through the New York arts scene, from his tentative steps back into acting to his encounters with a diverse array of characters, each contributing to his understanding of himself and his craft. The narrative is rich with references to literary and theatrical legends, grounding the story in a specific cultural milieu while exploring universal themes of creativity, identity, and belonging.

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Voices Against Silence: Harris, Walters, Tallifer

"Human Noise" by Bruce Harris is a compelling exploration of the human condition, delving into the depths of love, guilt, and redemption. It serves as a reminder of the complexity of human emotions and the continuous journey towards understanding, acceptance, and healing.

Ann Walters' poem intricately weaves together these narratives to present a multifaceted exploration of flight, capturing its beauty and brutality, its capacity for liberation, and its potential for sorrow. The repeated motif of flying serves as a powerful metaphor for the human condition, reflecting our deepest desires, fears, and the inevitable search for meaning beyond our tangible experiences.

Venom by Dennis Tallifer explores the complexity of human emotions and the struggle for personal safety and dignity in a world that can be unwelcoming and dangerous for those who are perceived as different; it also highlights the need for empathy and understanding towards individuals who are fighting their own battles, both internal and external.

Story: McMullen, Parinetta, Giordano

McMullen's story is a vivid exploration of the human condition, marked by its trials, errors, and the occasional moments of clarity that lead to growth and understanding. Through the lens of humor and the absurd, it captures the essence of life's unpredictable journey, reminding readers that amidst the chaos, there is always potential for change and connection.

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A harrowing tale of betrayal and resilience, this story explores the dark side of human relationships and the quest for justice. Delving into themes of consent, isolation, and societal norms, it challenges readers to reflect on empathy and the complexities of the human condition.

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"I'm a Jellyroll" is a richly layered story that engages with historical realities while offering insights into the human condition. Giordanos narrative is a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge divides, illuminate shared experiences, and foster empathy across the boundaries of time and place.

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Bruce Harris Collection

The Linnet's Wings Contributors

The Linnet's Wings Contributors

The Linnet's Wings Contributors

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Micro Fiction: Sturner, Sindell, Clausen

As the poet confronts the fading existence of the rhino, and by extension, the disappearance of the Western Black Rhino from our world, there is a yearning for action, for a transformation from passivity to a more active role in protecting and preserving what is left of the natural world. The desire for the child within to rise up, to fight back against the encroaching threats to nature, encapsulates a universal wish to undo the damage done and to restore balance.

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Recession" thus serves as a compelling commentary on contemporary life, where the pressures of social media can overshadow personal growth and relationships. It is a reminder of the importance of finding oneFs own path, away from the public eye, and the irreplaceable value of quiet moments shared with loved ones.

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Clausen's text delves into themes of existentialism, the routine monotony of daily life, and the human capacity to persist despite a lack of enthusiasm or hope. This reflects a broader human experience where duty and the instinct for survival often override deeper existential concerns.

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Title: Of the tangible with the abstract, the domestic with the natural, and the intimate with the expansive
The Linnet's Wings House Art

Middle Square: Kiernan, Gebbie, Kiernan, Fitzpatrick

Old Man

In discussing the dialogues between the 'old soul' and 'young soul', Kiernan explores deeper philosophical territories about the essence of life and death.

Ed's Wife and Other Stories

Is a whimsically poignant collection of vignettes that blend elements of the mundane with the magical, giving us insight into Ed's life with his shape-shifting wife, Suze.


Is a rich tapestry of images and thoughts that beautifully captures the interplay between the external environment and the internal musings of the speaker


Explores themes of resilience, transience, and the bittersweet beauty found in places shaped by both natural forces and human hands.

Contemporary and Classic Poetry: Clancy and Goldsmith

Clancy creates a strong sense of atmosphere and character in this powerful statement about the courage required to speak or write truthfully and the often difficult reception such truth may receive.

Clancy's "The UFO Over Portland," engages with themes of perception, reality, and the thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Explore Oliver Goldsmith's classic song from 'She Stoops to Conquer,' a humorous take on 18th-century society's views on education, religion, and merriment.

Each of these pieces showcases Goldsmith's ability to blend social commentary with poetic elegance, often weaving in a moral or philosophical lesson.

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Short Stories: Robinson, Hamilton, Burke, Faison

Archie's adventures and misadventures, from his initial quest for a dime to his interactions with various characters in his community, reveal a society where children are forced to mature quickly, facing realities that test their ingenuity and moral compass.

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"Explore Artist at Work" by William Reese Hamilton, a gripping tale of love, art, and transformation. Dive into a complex relationship set against a backdrop of urban decay, where art becomes a metaphor for connection and self-discovery. A narrative rich in emotion and psychological depth.

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"Epic" serves as a meditation on the nature of creativity, the solitude often required for profound thought and work, and the complex relationship between an artist and the society that surrounds them

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"Gemini in Twilight" by Galen R.Faison weaves a poignant narrative that navigates through the realms of family legacy, the resilience born out of struggle, and the indelible marks left by our ancestors

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Voices Against Silence: O'Sullivan, Bratten, Meek

"Kindred" invites reflection on how closely tied we are to the whims of fate, the shared vulnerability of all human beings to sudden change, and the profound impact of loss. It is a meditation on the connections between us, sometimes forged in the most tragic of circumstances, and the indelible marks left on the living by those who depart unexpectedly.

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The poem "Fantastically Raw With Hatred" by April Michelle Bratten is a powerful exploration of anger and its cathartic release. Through vivid imagery and intense emotional language, Bratten delves into the complex nature of anger, not merely as an emotion to be feared or suppressed but as a force that can be both destructive and purifying.

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Gemma Meek has crafted a deeply moving and resonant work that invites readers to reflect on themes of visibility, identity, and the longing for change and recognition. Its a powerful reminder of the unseen struggles that many face and the profound impact of family dynamics on individual lives.

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Story: Gilkes, McClay, Sheehan, Flys

Through Harry's story, Gilkes celebrates the joy of discovery, the warmth of human interactions, and the inevitable intertwining of luck and skill in the pursuit of one's interests.

Matchsticks not Money by Deirdre McClay, is a poignant tale of family, grief, and legacy set against an Irish backdrop. Follow Maire's homecoming journey, navigating complex relationships and personal growth amidst loss. A story of reconciliation and finding one's path

V for Victor by Tom Sheehan is a mesmerizing tale of friendship and mysterious talent, following VictorFs inexplicable, divine-like singing gift that surfaces every five years, leaving those around him in awe. A story of wonder, destiny, and the unexplainable magic within the mundane.

Explore the symbolic journey of Road to Golgotha by Yvette Flys, a tale of legacy, temptation, and redemption. Delve into a reimagined biblical quest where a son's mission intertwines with myth, revealing deep reflections on life, death, and the human spirit

Contemporary and Classic Poetry: Clancy and Goldsmith

Clancy creates a strong sense of atmosphere and character in this powerful statement about the courage required to speak or write truthfully and the often difficult reception such truth may receive.

Clancy's "The UFO Over Portland," engages with themes of perception, reality, and the thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Explore Oliver Goldsmith's classic song from 'She Stoops to Conquer,' a humorous take on 18th-century society's views on education, religion, and merriment.

Each of these pieces showcases Goldsmith's ability to blend social commentary with poetic elegance, often weaving in a moral or philosophical lesson.

Submission Themes for 2024, Main Menu: Magazine Subs

Submission Page Details (Voices against Silence)
In a world where the shadows of gender abuse cast long and oppressive lines, the voices of the silenced often go unheard. "Voices Against Silence" seeks to bring these stories into the light, inviting writers to contribute their narratives, poems, essays, and artworks that delve into the multifaceted issue of gender abuse, with a particular focus on abuses against women.

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Through the Eye of the Beholder: A Call for Diverse Voices on Climate Change
In 2024, The LinnetFs Wings embarks on an exploratory journey, delving into one of the most pressing and multifaceted issues of our time: climate change. But this is not just about the scientific discourse or the policy debates; itFs about personal narratives, creative reflections, and diverse interpretations. ItFs about seeing this global challenge "through the eye of the beholder."

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Poetry: Sheehan, Jensen and Smith

"Sign on a Wall" by Tom Sheehan is a nostalgic poem depicting a worn dough board, symbolizing a mother's labor of love in bread-making. It evokes memories of family, tradition, and the passage of time, blending sensory details with a deep sense of longing and reverence

Exploring the ephemeral space between day and night, 'Down The Crack With The Crickets' by Kristine Jensen delves into the fleeting nature of thoughts and emotions. An angry thought disappears with the wind, symbolizing lost moments and the struggle to reclaim them.

Explore the poignant poem Mates by Iain C. Smith, dedicated to Jake and Patrick. Reflecting on the sudden loss of a young life, it intertwines themes of grief, camaraderie, and the fleeting nature of youth, as experienced through the lens of a soccer match metaphor.

"Explore the evocative poem 'Pipedream' by Iain C. Smith. A vivid blend of memory and observation, it captures a moment of reflection amidst a storm, evoking nostalgia and introspection about family, past experiences, and the transformative journey of life.

Poets: Augustine and Heavisides

"Reverance" by Nonnie Augustine is a vivid and evocative piece of writing, rich in imagery and sensory detail. Augustine's language is both lyrical and gritty, painting a vivid picture of the scene and characters.

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Here in Augustines' "Hogheads and Tricks" a person grapples with the passage of time, lost creativity, and a desire to escape or confront the mundane realities of life, possibly looking for new experiences or inspirations to reignite their lost spark.

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Heavisides' work, as exemplified in this piece, showcases a talent for blending the profound with the practical, infusing traditional narratives with modern sensibilities and concerns.

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The Path of the Pollinator

In the garden, the early summer sun nudged the bee awake. It emerged from its honeycomb as its fuzzy body, a tapestry of black and gold, launched itself into the day.

The air was thick with the sweet scent of honeysuckle as sunlight streamed through a canopy of leaves to dapple the flower beds in a mosaic of light and shadow. The scent hung with the promise of good weather as dewdrops, like scattered diamonds, clung with a fierce tenacity to the blades of grass, sparkling like miniature suns.


From flower to flower, it tirelessly weaves,
A sun, from its heart, among the leaves.
The Linnet's Wings House Art 2024

The Path of the Pollinator

Price, West, Tepper, Joslin

Fungi light/ Fungi Language by Darryl Price

Painting the Sky by Bill West

Next to Rock by Susan Isla Tepper

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Memoire by Oonah V. Joslin

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Art Walls: Spring 2014, Summer 2014 (Where colours dance and stories call/ an art wall stands, a visual ball.

Poetry: Joslin, Blossom, LShok

Oonah V. Joslin's tankas offer our readers a poetic glimpses into love, nature, and life's fleeting moments. Each verse weaves emotions and memories, revealing the beauty in the mundane and the eternal dance of change. Dive into a world where words paint lasting impressions on the heart and mind.

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"Very Warm for March" beautifully intertwines the awakening of the natural world with the awakening of human desires and connections. Blossom's use of imagery and intimate details creates a piece that resonates with the joy of early spring and the timeless nature of love.

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The poem invites readers to reflect on the nature of sibling relationships, the process of mourning, and the search for meaning in the face of mortality. Through its exploration of these themes, "Red Rewind" speaks to the universal experience of grappling with the complexities of love, loss, and the human condition.

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Dark Snow by Linda Shok is a narrative that seems to revel in contrasts: the tangible with the abstract, the domestic with the natural, and the intimate with the expansive. The prose is rich with metaphor and imagery, suggesting a deep undercurrent of emotion and longing beneath the surface of everyday actions.

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Poetry by Paul Hostovsky and Art Selection (2013)

Aubade uses these vivid personifications and contrasts to create a playful yet poignant commentary on the nature of enthusiasm, routine, and perhaps the human tendency to become jaded or unappreciative of the everyday wonders of the world.-

This section of the website displays original illustrations and details their use in various literary contexts. For more information and to view the artwork, you can visit the page by clicking on the imagge. Thanks!

Hostovsky writes about the allure of poetry and the arts, and how they can inspire us to make choices that might not seem logical but are deeply appealing to our sense of beauty and romanticism.

The Rhinoceros:
In the quiet dawn, its shadow tall and vast,
A gentle giant walks, echoes of the past

The Linnet's Wings House Art

Hamilton, Joslin, Ferraro, Zambrano (Short Translation)

Explore the forbidden summer ritual of Ginny and Dean in 'Moon Goddess' by Ginger Hamilton. Amidst fireflies and bats, they confront their growing feelings and the harsh realities of youth, weaving a tale of love, rebellion, and myth under the spell of the night sky.

Oonah V Joslin explores her connection to Seamus Heaney's legacy, delving into cultural, linguistic, and personal parallels. Reflecting on 'Beowul' and Irish identity, she uncovers shared roots and the impact of Heaney's work on understanding her heritage and language.

Explore the tragic tale of Cecilia, a young woman confined in an asylum, in 'AIR' by Emilia Pardo Bazan. This poignant story, translated by Diana Ferraro, delves into the depths of love-induced madness and the poignant struggle between reality and delusion. Witness CeciliaFs journey as she clings to the belief of being 'air,' a metaphor for her unrequited love and ultimate escape. A profound commentary on the human psyche and the power of love.

Explore the ethereal realm of dreams in 'Geografia de la Aurora' by M. Zambrano. Delve into the vivid imagery of emerald caves and nameless colors, where the dreamer's touch lingers and reality blurs with memory. Experience a serene, effortless existence, free from longing and fear, akin to a deer resting peacefully in nature.

In "French Knitting" by Elizabeth Hopkinson, a witch meticulously knits Rapunzel's hair each night, creating a giant golden cobweb that descends into a dark pit. For seven years, Rapunzels hair has been woven into the earth, supposedly connecting her to the core of creation. Confined and contemplative, Rapunzel doubts the witch's intentions, believing instead that creation flows through her. As the witch knits, an unexpected figure rises from the pit, challenging the witch's control and hinting at a deeper, transformative power within Rapunzel herself. This tale reimagines the Rapunzel legend with a mystical and introspective twist.

French Knitting by Elizabeth Hopkinson


Archive in Progress, Autumn 2014

In "There Were Balloons" by Cathy S. Ulrich, a child's experience at an old woman's funeral is poignantly depicted through his innocent perspective. Balloons, usually symbols of joy, ascend like colorful punctuation marks in the sky, released by a grandly fat man. The child, uncomfortable in his formal attire, recalls the old woman's dry kisses and butterscotch candies, and moments like watching a kitten or listening to his mother play the piano at her house. As the balloons disappear, one yellow balloon remains caught in a tree, mirroring the child's confusion about the event, which he mistook for a party.

There Were Balloons by Cathy S Ulrich

Come Back Out
by Michael McGlade

In "Come Back Out" by Michael McGlade, Cathal spends a summer assisting his aging father, Da, in laborious farm work in rural Ireland, forming a rich tapestry of familial legacy and folklore. As they excavate a drainage trench, their dialogue weaves through Irish myths and personal histories, reflecting on life's transitions. Amidst the physical labor, Cathal uncovers artifacts of his past, each a poignant reminder of the layers that form one’s identity. Their work not only reshapes the land but also their relationship, culminating in a profound and unexpected conclusion.

Come Back Out


Based on how frequently she saw the stork and heard the bird’s clacking beak, the hare knew she was kilometres ahead of the tortoise. Comforted by this, she stopped to graze at a particularly emerald patch of nettles and dandelions. The run had famished her, but the hare did not want to eat her fill at the banquet. Not in front of the other animals.

“The victor must be genteel," she told herself.

The hare ate. The afternoon sun wallowed in the soft light on her calico coat and in the brilliancy of the tender leaves. The hare thought about how she had arrived at this life juncture. “What am I doing in this race? If I win, I look like a bully. If I lose, I look like a liar and a slowpoke, slower than a tortoise! If only I’d kept my mouth shut…nothing gained, all lost. The tortoise did insult me! But only after I made fun of him."

The hare nibbled on another rumination.

“Will a lion be at the feast? Did the fox invite lions? Or wolves? Great. Win or lose, I still lose. Why go on? Maybe if I’d thought, I could stay here and munch quietly in this lovely spot." She did just that, for a moment.

Knotted Fables by John P. Bourgeois


by Ian Butterworth

We live, my Grandfather and I, in a large grey house, past which the buses rattle late into the night. There is an armchair, matching the dull red curtains, positioned so the old man can look into the street. Medical equipment waits in the dusty shadows cast by the tall lamp. The light is dim. I wipe a damp flannel over his chest; push aside his tiny penis, avoiding his eyes as I do so. His skin is the colour of mushrooms. I fear bruising him, as if my fingers will mark his flesh. The nurse left a plastic sheet to place under him as he bathes, but I cannot treat him as if he is a child.

A sweet biscuit leans, damp in the saucer of his lukewarm tea.

Without the thick lenses of his ridiculous glasses, now folded by his chair, his eyes are yellow and blank. Without his clothes, once impeccably creased, he has faded away. I love him. In my childhood he held me when my father would not. Through my divorce, he refused to judge, though all else knew that the fault was mine. He took me in, when my wife and children left. He taught me to pray, though I was a man.

Reflecting by Ian Butterworth

A haunting reminder of how past conflicts shape our present, an eternal waltz between history and the now as a young woman twirls with the ghost of a WW1 pilot!

Study: Mixed Media Oil, Mari 2016

A Book of War Poems, Essay and Art from The Linnet's Wings

Once They're Gone,

In "Once They're Gone, They Keep Going" by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri, the narrator reflects on life with his mother, Sylvia Drew, an English teacher with fiery red hair and a turbulent past. Living in a small apartment near the steel mills, Sylvia and her son Mattie navigate a world of broken dreams and fleeting ambitions. Sylvia, a once-aspiring actress from a family of lawyers, wrestles with the constraints of her life and the absence of Mattie's father, a labor leader with a mysterious departure. The story explores themes of loss, identity, and the longing for something beyond the confines of a constrained existence.

Once They're Gone ...


A scarecrow in a stovepipe hat fiddled and danced a jig. Discordant notes sharp as star frost. He thumped the earth with twiggy feet and croaked his garbled song. The wind whipped the dirge away through empty skies. No owls blinked time from the skeletal trees, no gulls mewed the chorus whilst skimming barren waves. His bow was smooth, his fiddle unstrung. He whirled and spun--counted time with his jerking limbs

Every Stick by Bill West

The Basket Weaver

The Basket Weaver" by Clare McCotter celebrates the art of basket weaving, juxtaposing traditional craftsmanship against modern therapeutic practices. The poem describes a newly qualified occupational therapist who embraces basket weaving, despite its outdated perception among peers. The narrator, considered a "basket case," finds solace in creating a basket, symbolizing a sanctuary for thoughts and prayers. Through vivid imagery and a reflection on change, the poem underscores the enduring value of hands-on creativity and its calming influence on the mind.

The Basket Weaver by Clare McCotter


GO ON by Oonah Joslin

So -- let me get this straight," Tickle was saying. “Julianne somersaults off your back onto my shoulders and then we tumble out of sight. Then Benny the mouse chases you once round the ring and exit ringside."

“Stupid mouse!" said Tiny.

“Okay, Tiny. We know. Now, do you want to rehearse?"

The rehearsal was flawless. The ringmaster was very pleased. Pyro sat up on the high-wire pedestal watching the new act and he cheered at the end. Of course only Tickle and Tiny heard this but they always appreciated his enthusiasm.

All went right on the first night until -- out of nowhere a real mouse appeared and ran across Tiny’s path. Julianne and Tickle tumbled out of the way just in time as Tiny turned tail, almost trampling Benny in his mouse suit and headed straight across the centre of the ring for the exit, at full pelt, leaving a very confused Benny, a furious ring master and a delighted audience laughing their heads off.

The Show Must Go On by Oonah Joslin

When the Morning

is a Prayer
by Kathleen Cassen Mickelson

How do I talk about fresh snow that still
delights me after a lifetime of Minnesota
winters or the sliver of moon embedded in
pre-dawn sky or the way oak limbs hold
frost to cover their leafless-ness?

When the Morning is a Prayer

The Path of the Pollinator

In the garden, the early summer sun nudged the bee awake. It emerged from its honeycomb as its fuzzy body, a tapestry of black and gold, launched itself into the day.

The air was thick with the sweet scent of honeysuckle as sunlight streamed through a canopy of leaves to dapple the flower beds in a mosaic of light and shadow. The scent hung with the promise of good weather as dewdrops, like scattered diamonds, clung with a fierce tenacity to the blades of grass, sparkling like miniature suns.

The Path of the Pollinator by Mari Fitzpatrick

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