Voices Against Silence: Butterworth, Williams, Claffey

"Four Stories" form a compelling exploration of the human condition, inviting readers to reflect on the invisible threads that connect us, the silent sufferings that shape our lives, and the possibility of redemption and understanding in the face of profound adversity.

"Marnie" a powerful story that resonates with anyone who has ever felt out of place or ahead of their time, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the moments and connections that truly define our existence.

Claffey's story touches on the resilience of the human spirit and the complexity of family relationships. Despite the undercurrent of fear, there is a sense of longing and love that permeates the narrative, highlighting the contradictory emotions that family members can evoke in one another.

Parks and Tomlin

Medicine by Jim Parks-- When cars were symbols of freedom and adventure, and driving was an art passed down from generation to generation.

In Memoriam by Wendall Tomlin Jr. --Tomlin's poem is a testament to the enduring bond between those who have passed and those they leave behind. It captures the complex emotions of grief and remembrance

Writes: Bittner, ZoBell, Creith

Russell Bittner's "Aubade to Marit Haahr" is a deeply evocative and complex poem that engages with themes of love, desire, nature, and cosmic imagery to explore the nuances of human emotion and connection.

ZoBell carefully balances the external observations of family interactions with the internal reflections of her characters, creating a multi-layered story that resonates with themes of acceptance, the search for belonging, and the enduring bonds of family regardless of differences.

This story not only entertains but also invites reflection on the ways in which folklore and mythology inform our understanding of the world and ourselves. It is a reminder of the magic that exists at the edges of reality, waiting to be discovered by those who are open to the wonders of the world.

Story: Rajapakse, West, Zelnick, Berg

Explore a captivating encounter in 'On the Way to Over There' by Shirani Rajapakse. Journey up a snow-clad mountain, where a chance meeting with a speaking leopard unfolds. Witness a magical blend of nature, introspection, and surreal interaction in this mesmerizing short story.

Explore 'Suit of Light' by Bill West: a poignant tale of Manuel Garcia-Ramerez's struggle with fear and legacy. On his 70th birthday, confronting his past and a lion, his tragic fate intertwines with bravery and the harsh reality of life and death.

Zelnick's essay 'The Working of Pure Gold,' is a detailed analysis of Oliver Goldsmith's play 'She Stoops to Conquer.' Zelnick, delves into Goldsmith's complex character and the play's enduring humor, satirical depth, and commentary on societal norms.

Carly Berg's 'Macaroon,' is a heartwarming tale blending the joys of desserts with school life. Follow Mac's sensory journey through cafeteria antics to dessert nirvana, where brownies, tapioca, and friendship create a sweet backdrop for adolescent triumph

Voices Against Silence: O'Sullivan, Bratten, Meek

"Kindred" invites reflection on how closely tied we are to the whims of fate, the shared vulnerability of all human beings to sudden change, and the profound impact of loss. It is a meditation on the connections between us, sometimes forged in the most tragic of circumstances, and the indelible marks left on the living by those who depart unexpectedly.

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The poem "Fantastically Raw With Hatred" by April Michelle Bratten is a powerful exploration of anger and its cathartic release. Through vivid imagery and intense emotional language, Bratten delves into the complex nature of anger, not merely as an emotion to be feared or suppressed but as a force that can be both destructive and purifying.

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Gemma Meek has crafted a deeply moving and resonant work that invites readers to reflect on themes of visibility, identity, and the longing for change and recognition. Its a powerful reminder of the unseen struggles that many face and the profound impact of family dynamics on individual lives.

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Story: Gilkes, McClay, Sheehan, Flys

Through Harry's story, Gilkes celebrates the joy of discovery, the warmth of human interactions, and the inevitable intertwining of luck and skill in the pursuit of one's interests.

Matchsticks not Money by Deirdre McClay, is a poignant tale of family, grief, and legacy set against an Irish backdrop. Follow Maire's homecoming journey, navigating complex relationships and personal growth amidst loss. A story of reconciliation and finding one's path

V for Victor by Tom Sheehan is a mesmerizing tale of friendship and mysterious talent, following VictorFs inexplicable, divine-like singing gift that surfaces every five years, leaving those around him in awe. A story of wonder, destiny, and the unexplainable magic within the mundane.

Explore the symbolic journey of Road to Golgotha by Yvette Flys, a tale of legacy, temptation, and redemption. Delve into a reimagined biblical quest where a son's mission intertwines with myth, revealing deep reflections on life, death, and the human spirit

Contemporary and Classic Poetry: Clancy and Goldsmith

Clancy creates a strong sense of atmosphere and character in this powerful statement about the courage required to speak or write truthfully and the often difficult reception such truth may receive.

Clancy's "The UFO Over Portland," engages with themes of perception, reality, and the thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Explore Oliver Goldsmith's classic song from 'She Stoops to Conquer,' a humorous take on 18th-century society's views on education, religion, and merriment.

Each of these pieces showcases Goldsmith's ability to blend social commentary with poetic elegance, often weaving in a moral or philosophical lesson.

Story: Raman, Ritchie, Osborn, Bernbaum

Explore the sentimental journey of 'Mummy's Bureau' by Anna G. Raman. A tale of heritage and memories woven through a family's treasured bureau in Coimbatore, symbolizing change, legacy, and the essence of home.

Ritchie explore Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and 'Richard II' as political dialogues with Queen Elizabeth I, focusing on themes of marriage, succession, and power, and their subtle implications for the monarch's rule and personal life.

In this story by Derek Osborn A man, elated from a successful deal, accidentally hits a raccoon. Stopping to check, he discovers newborns, one alive. At home, with his wife's help, he nurtures the surviving raccoon, contrasting his business triumph with a newfound empathy.

Voices Against Silence: Harris, Walters, Tallifer

"Human Noise" by Bruce Harris is a compelling exploration of the human condition, delving into the depths of love, guilt, and redemption. It serves as a reminder of the complexity of human emotions and the continuous journey towards understanding, acceptance, and healing.

Ann Walters' poem intricately weaves together these narratives to present a multifaceted exploration of flight, capturing its beauty and brutality, its capacity for liberation, and its potential for sorrow. The repeated motif of flying serves as a powerful metaphor for the human condition, reflecting our deepest desires, fears, and the inevitable search for meaning beyond our tangible experiences.

Venom by Dennis Tallifer explores the complexity of human emotions and the struggle for personal safety and dignity in a world that can be unwelcoming and dangerous for those who are perceived as different; it also highlights the need for empathy and understanding towards individuals who are fighting their own battles, both internal and external.

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Submission Page Details (Voices against Silence)
In a world where the shadows of gender abuse cast long and oppressive lines, the voices of the silenced often go unheard. "Voices Against Silence" seeks to bring these stories into the light, inviting writers to contribute their narratives, poems, essays, and artworks that delve into the multifaceted issue of gender abuse, with a particular focus on abuses against women.

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Through the Eye of the Beholder: A Call for Diverse Voices on Climate Change
In 2024, The LinnetFs Wings embarks on an exploratory journey, delving into one of the most pressing and multifaceted issues of our time: climate change. But this is not just about the scientific discourse or the policy debates; itFs about personal narratives, creative reflections, and diverse interpretations. ItFs about seeing this global challenge "through the eye of the beholder."

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Poetry: Sheehan, Jensen and Smith

"Sign on a Wall" by Tom Sheehan is a nostalgic poem depicting a worn dough board, symbolizing a mother's labor of love in bread-making. It evokes memories of family, tradition, and the passage of time, blending sensory details with a deep sense of longing and reverence

Exploring the ephemeral space between day and night, 'Down The Crack With The Crickets' by Kristine Jensen delves into the fleeting nature of thoughts and emotions. An angry thought disappears with the wind, symbolizing lost moments and the struggle to reclaim them.

Explore the poignant poem Mates by Iain C. Smith, dedicated to Jake and Patrick. Reflecting on the sudden loss of a young life, it intertwines themes of grief, camaraderie, and the fleeting nature of youth, as experienced through the lens of a soccer match metaphor.

"Explore the evocative poem 'Pipedream' by Iain C. Smith. A vivid blend of memory and observation, it captures a moment of reflection amidst a storm, evoking nostalgia and introspection about family, past experiences, and the transformative journey of life.

Poets: Augustine and Heavisides

"Reverance" by Nonnie Augustine is a vivid and evocative piece of writing, rich in imagery and sensory detail. Augustine's language is both lyrical and gritty, painting a vivid picture of the scene and characters.

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Here in Augustines' "Hogheads and Tricks" a person grapples with the passage of time, lost creativity, and a desire to escape or confront the mundane realities of life, possibly looking for new experiences or inspirations to reignite their lost spark.

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Heavisides' work, as exemplified in this piece, showcases a talent for blending the profound with the practical, infusing traditional narratives with modern sensibilities and concerns.

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O'Callaghan's storytelling is both poignant and thought-provoking, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. "Goodbye My Coney Island Baby" is a testament to the power of short fiction in exploring the human condition and the intricate tapestry of emotions that define our existence.

The art wall from Spring 2013 features various artworks, including pieces by notable artists like Abanindranath Tagore and Jessie Wilcox Smith, as well as works by Paul Klee. This collection showcases a range of artistic styles and subjects, reflecting the diverse creative expression of these artists. For a detailed view of the artworks and more information about the artists, you can visit the page directly by clicking through.

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Poetry Prompts, Classic Poems, Portmanteau,

April Poetry Prompts: 2023
Prompts composed by different contributors, encourages creative exploration of various themes related to persthe seasons, personal experiences, and nature. They are designed to inspire poets to engage with the seasonal themes, like renewal and reflection, in diverse and imaginative ways ...

In our Portmanteau, take a spin on our One Armed-Bandit and explore new ideas and events with suggestions on how to delve into one's own personal mindscap and reflect on the challenges presented by staying present in the 'neverending' moments to change/challenge one's lively personal perceptions.

Donne, Longfellow, Yeats, Hardy and More: Our "Everyday Poems," includes classic favorites. This collection showcases works from various renowned poets. You'll find poems by Thomas Hardy, W.B. Yeats, John Donne, Wilfred Owen, and Seamus Heaney among others. This page is part of a larger literary and artistic offering that includes stories, art, and poetry. For more detailed content, please visit the page directly.

Poetry: Sheehan, Needham, Lothrigel

"Derryside Confessional" by Tom Sheehan is a rich and evocative poem that paints a vivid picture of the complexities of youth, war, and desire.

"Broken Dream" is a beautifully crafted piece, weaving together elements of nature, history, and human experience, creating a tapestry of imagery that is both poignant and enchanting."

"Butterfly Caught" is a thoughtful meditation on the themes of life, death, and the natural world, capturing the beauty and sorrow inherent in these cycles.

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Poetry: Scully, Thomas, Jacobson

Colm Scully's work often delves into themes of memory, place, and the human experience, and "A Poem Remembered" is a beautiful representation of these themes.

The Goatherd’s Fingers" is a masterful piece that uses detailed and evocative imagery to depict the life of a goatherd in a way that is both realistic and poetic.

Ocean's Alive is a perfect blend of nature's might and delicate balance, the poetry encapsulates the essence of the image in rich, immersive colors.

Haynes, McManus and Salzano

Rosie and Max is a beautiful piece that portrays the power of everyday rituals and the strength to carry on after a challenging day.

'The Orange Room' by Conor McManus is a vivid and sensuous piece of writing, capturing the intimate and contemplative moments of the protagonist.

Salzano's 'Turn the Page' is a deeply moving piece that uses the backdrop of a classic rock song to explore themes of nostalgia, longing, and the emotional landscapes of life ...

Poetry by Paul Hostovsky and Art Selection (2013)

Aubade uses these vivid personifications and contrasts to create a playful yet poignant commentary on the nature of enthusiasm, routine, and perhaps the human tendency to become jaded or unappreciative of the everyday wonders of the world.-

This section of the website displays original illustrations and details their use in various literary contexts. For more information and to view the artwork, you can visit the page by clicking on the imagge. Thanks!

Hostovsky writes about the allure of poetry and the arts, and how they can inspire us to make choices that might not seem logical but are deeply appealing to our sense of beauty and romanticism.

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Book Two: Indigo

The Crafts

Our Indivisible World

A heart will know the truth in what it sees./A soul will feel a sin that it perceives./Yet one can only know their own before,/And alien to a soul is war's core.

We search the stars to fathom out our being,/In hope their quiet is not our war contained./While here we pay to mash our children's dreams./In lands misread. Misread by whom from where?

So let's all speak to those who make death real./We'll say that they have language to explore,/That there is no aesthetic found in force. /Together we can shape a plan as we suppose

That it's sense that lies in words not sung/That it's sense that lies in words not sung

Mari 2008-2024

Oonah V Joslin embarks on a reflective journey through the poetic landscapes of Seamus Heaney, offering a unique perspective that weaves together the threads of shared heritage, language, and history. With "Seamus Heaney: An Archaeologist of the Soul," Joslin delves into her own connections and contrasts with Heaney, navigating the complex terrains of identity, culture, and belonging. Through her exploration of Heaney's translation of "Beowulf" and the resonant power of his words, she discovers a bridge over the divides of her own upbringing in Northern Ireland. This piece is not just a tribute to Heaney as a fellow countryman and great poet but also a personal reckoning with the splintered landscape of identity, offering insights into the ways in which poetry can unearth the universal truths that bind us all.

Seamus Heaney: An Archaeologist of the Soul

In Ionescu, "The Statue," a man grapples with the loss of his wife, finding solace in his conversations with a park statue that stands as a silent testament to her memory. This touching narrative weaves through themes of love, loss, and the eventual path to acceptance, as he confronts the reality of moving forward without her

The Statue

Beautiful Films

"The Linnet's Wings" features Stephen Zelnick's insightful film reviews. Covering a wide array of genres, including silent films, British literature adaptations, and Japanese cinema, it offers a rich exploration of cinematic masterpieces and their influence. Each review delves into the significance and artistic impact of the films, making it a valuable resource for film enthusiasts and students of cinema.

Beautiful Films by Stephen Zelnick

In "Four Stories by Ian Butterworth," readers are taken on a journey through the lives of characters entangled in the complexities of love, betrayal, and the silent struggles that define their existence. From the shadows of unspoken pain to the flickers of hope and redemption, these tales weave a compelling tapestry of human emotion and resilience. Each story, rich in depth and emotion, invites us to reflect on the power of understanding and the indomitable spirit of the human heart. Join us in exploring these poignant narratives that resonate with the enduring quest for meaning in the face of life's greatest challenges.

Four Stories

How Long the Life by Howard Bernbaum

Bernbaum's story is a meditation on the interconnectivity of the cosmos and human life. It intertwines the grandeur of cosmic events with the mundane struggles of human existence, suggesting a universe where everything is subtly linked, from the trajectory of a meteor to the final breath of a dying woman

Howard Bernbaum

Mad, You Say?

The inclusion of Blake's poems within the essay serves not just as illustrative support but as a testament to the inseparability of his literary and visual artistry. These poems, with their intricate interplay of thematic and visual motifs, underscore Heavisides' thesis that Blake's work defies simplistic categorizations, demanding instead a recognition of its comprehensive and multifaceted genius

Martin Heavisides (A Clear Eyed View of William Blake)

"Rummaging" is a nostalgic story by Roland Goity. Samantha's routine garage sale adventures with her husband Cliff lead to a transformative rediscovery through an old Smokey Robinson record, rekindling deep emotions and memories, encapsulating the essence of past joys and present realities.

Roland Goity

Goodbye My Coney Island Baby
by Billy O' Callaghan

The late afternoon is cold and threatening snow, and the streets of Coney Island are deserted except for an elderly black man walking a ridiculously small dog out along the boardwalk and a few drunks in a doorway arguing in mute slurs over a bottle. Peter passes by without making eye contact. The wind gusts around him, tugging at the hem of his overcoat, and he is glad that he has thought to wear a scarf but knows he could have done with gloves, too. His pockets provide nothing in the way of heat.

Goodbye My Coony Island Baby by Billy O'Callaghan

Alone Time by Gary Sprague

A gripping tale of family bonds tested by unexpected events. A grandfather faces tough choices as he cares for his abandoned grandson, leading to surprising self-discovery

Alone Time by Gary Sprague

Ed’s Wife and Other Creatures by Vanessa Gebbie

A collection of vignettes that portrays Ed's observations and experiences with his wife's unusual behaviors, each associated with a different creature. The narrative offers a unique exploration of their relationship and the challenges it presents.

Ed's Wife by Vanessa Gebbie

"Harmony" by Michelle Elvy unfolds at a funeral, where a woman stands frozen in grief, her senses heightened by the vivid, elemental world around her. As she reflects on her father's death, the story delves into the interconnected lives of four sisters. Separated by distance yet united in spirit, they navigate a landscape of loss, strength, and love. This poignant tale captures the surreal essence of mourning and the indomitable resilience of familial bonds over seventy years.


In "On Your Bike," by Peter Gilkes, an employee's journey from disenchantment to empowerment unfolds through an ingeniously crafted resignation letter. Faced with undervaluation and a pivotal career moment, the protagonist chooses a path of self-respect over compromise. This micro tale is a profound commentary on the corporate grind, the search for recognition, and the courage it takes to assert one's value in a world that often overlooks it. A story of resilience, "On Your Bike" inspires readers to find their voice and stand firm in their worth.

On Your Bike by Peter Gilkes

The Good Father" by Marian Brooks is a moving short story that delves into the precious moments between a father, Frank, and his son, Brady, during a serene day at the beach. Through fishing and the art of sandcastle building, this narrative beautifully explores themes of bonding, the passage of time, and the simple joys of parenthood. A must-read for anyone who appreciates the depth of family connections.

The Good Father

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