Of Clouds by Liz Haigh

I wander lonely as a cloud. But how can clouds define loneliness? If you look up at the sky, clouds are rarely alone. They usually float in small groups. Sometimes they fill up the sky entirely. How can clouds be lonely when there are so many of them? I should wander lonelyas a sun. When you look up in the sky, you only ever see one sun. .

I wander lonely as the Sun.

That isn’t much fun.

Okay, I’ll leave the poetry to Wordsworth.

I am lonely. It would more poetic to say I'm lonely since you left. But the truth is I'm lonely
because you never arrived.

Am I like the sun? No. The sun is special. He's happy all aloneÍ he shines in his
individuality. There are other people around like me, lonely. The same way there's lots of
clouds. There's just no clouds I feel I belong too.

I think I’d better go find some daffodils.


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