Sleeping with the Monkfish: The Execution by John C. Mannone

The Execution
(Based on a True Meal)

Line them up on the chopping block:
Spring onion
______stripped defrocked
Spicy pepper green
Summer yellow squash
______that’s washed
Fennel fresh
______both bulb and weed
Bloody red tomato

The guillotine falls fast and clean
_____the garlic clove is cleaved
its head rolls into oiled pan
with others once bereaved
They sleep in extra virgin oil
olives laced cayenne
When vital juices seen to bleed
_____then simmer, stir, and blend

Monkfish telling lobster lies
_____drawn-and-quartered join
the sizzling medley lemonsplashed
with parsley herb and thyme

Tossed about the sauté surf
_____with sea salt savor sprayed
the seething stir is peppered yet
_____then beached upon my plate

-- John C. Mannone, 2008

All Rights Reserved--2007-2024