The Dragon by Sandy Hiss

When you first told me about
the dragon tattoo, I didn't
believe you were preppy 1 01 ,
clean cut in your wool sweater
and dockers. I wasn't sure
I wanted to see your legs,
lean and pale; runner's body
fed from lentil soup and fish
The dragon was a distraction for
the horror that lay underneath.
Creeping and winding itself
through layers of arrogance
that you breathed from your nostrils.
Setting fire to gentle hands
whose only intent was to touch
your heart.
I always thought dragons wore
beauty in unconventionality.
Loners, drifting in solitude, their
wings unclipped. But when I tasted
your fire, it burned my tongue.
So I spit you out, let you disappear
behind pages of myth.
(Previously published in Bolts of Silk)

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