I'd love a ... by Oonah Joslin

'I want to stay up and see Santa.’

'You can’t stay up to see Santa, isn’t that right, Mammy,’ said an older sister.

'Santa only comes to good girls who go to bed early …’

'and go straight to sleep,’ said Mammy.

The telly flickered. A sweet little fawn hopped up onto the screen and bubbles rose around him. He wore a blue ribbon around his neck.

'I could just go one of those’ said the older sister and soon wide brimmed glasses were being filled from little brown bottles and the fizz and smell of it like pear juice filled the air with Christmas magic.

'Can I have some?’

'No you’re too young.’

'Please can I have some?’

'No. It’ s a big people drink.’

'Can I just have a wee taste?’

Mammy nodded with feigned reluctance and I got a sip from her glass, then from my sister’s glass, then another sister’ s glass, then … Someone tucked me in.

He looked just like Santa.


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