Rosa Old Blush

Easter Week Visitor, La Alameda, Sevilla, 2022

Little Girl with Blond Hair in a Red Dress by Egon Schiele

Christ on the Cross
Eugene Delacroix
Date: 1839
Style: Romanticism

The Singer
Wassily Kandinsky

Lily Cow and the Queen by Robert Henri, Date: 1915

La Alameda, Sevilla, 2022

May Feria, Riding by the Guadalquivir, Sevilla 2022
Watercolour on Card, Mari

Resting in Bed by James McNeill Whistler

Horacio Quiroga (1878-1937) was born in Uruguay, as the son of the Argentine Vice-Consul, holding then both nationalities, Argentine and Uruguayan--In This Issue, "The Feather Pillow"

[Ford was related to Dante Gabriel Rossetti poet, painter and most notorious of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He casts a shadow a cross Parade’s End.]

Muse, Oil on Canvas, Mari 2019

La Magdalena
Oil on Canvas
Mari, 2019

Plaza de la Constitución
Sevilla, 2022

Parallelogram by Egon Schiele, Date: 1913; Vienna, Austria

Nuns in La Alameda, Sevilla, Espana
Watercolor on Card
Mari 2021

Sleeping Child on a Pillow
by Stanisław Wyspiański

Joyce Literations

Roses, Fading Away
PS Mari, 2022

Puppet Theatre by Aladar Korosfoi-Kriesch, 1907

Cameo from “Man and Woman on the Beach" by Thomas Pollock Anshutz

[Rebecca Hall portrayed Sylvia Tietjens, very much as described by Ford. Bored with life, Sylvia takes revenge by tormenting others. She is devilish witty in Oscar Wilde perversity, and a delight to the novel.] This Issue, Ford Passages: Ford Madox Ford and Parade’s End by Stephen Zelnick

[England, long in decline, war has speeded the process. Empires are founded by pirates and thugs, who only later become high-minded gentlefolk. So it was with Roman landowners pressing outward in conquest. Plato, Polybius, Machiavelli, and Gibbon note empire’s brutal beginning, graceful civilizing, and ugly demise. The journey trends downward into corruption, absurdity, and madness.]

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