Romasko, Friedrich, Sky, Landers

Good Evening Berlin by Mark Romasko

Wet, Bleach and Forget by Patricia Friedrich

Fall Baby by Jennifer Sky

Frog Strangler by Connley (Lee) Landers

Spring , a Girl by Jennifer Sky

The light ran along the lime colored grass. She lay waiting for him, spread out like the carpeting of clover under her thighs, facing the sky. The day was soft and warm over her bare legs. The white silk sheath dress she wore no longer covered all of her, curves high and center left exposed and the pink lace fringe of little girl like panties.

She knew he was coming. Sometime. She needed him to fill the hollows left from her past--love lost.

Evening began to fall. The sky softened. Dripping like a watercolor painting, fresh on the paper, not yet dry, not yet set.

Peeking from between the folds of clover sprung patches of white blooms; weeds taking on a fancy air, dressed up for the coming of spring.

She sighed and rubbed her smooth palms over the ground, grabbing the white spurts and ripping them out. She rubbed the clumps of dusty white along the side of her face, she could feel the whispers of dew leaving tiny trains of moisture on her pink perfect skin.

She rubbed and waited.

Shadows rippled and morphed along the ground, changing like creatures in her childhood nights.

In the distance, on the other side of the hill, a group of dogs leaped at one another, mounting each other’s backs in fun and folly.

The beasts were closely watched by their human superiors; a group of couples and friends. People out for the end of the day before they returned to home, to dinner, to bed, to feel each other in the dark and lick the night away.

Spring wanted to be a couple again. She wanted to bathe with a man again, exploring, lapping, teasing needy parts. She wanted that decadence and so she waited. Hoping blindly, like love is, for the boy with the soft curls to come. To lie down beside her among the pollen and the weeds a-pretty.

She waited for him, for Fall, to lean in towards her. To collect her lips one at a time into his mouth, first the top, then the bottom; breathing her breath; sucking her in; and to tell her:

You, Spring, are beautiful.

Published in The Linnet's Wings Fall 2010

Story: Mintz. Elvy, Backer, Manuilovi

Los Prisioneros Pequeños by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Crush by Michelle Elvy

What He Thinks by David Backer

Atmosfera by Gloria Manuilovi

Story: Hammons, Harris, Joslin, Press

Beatnik Blonde by Jane Hammons

The Flavour of the Day by Bruce Harris

Renowned Hospitality and More by Oonah V Joslin

Cordoba Station by Tony Press

July 2 by Neil Dyer


child at
play, all ribby and
smooth-limbed; you’ll not recall
today yet it will be
mine to linger on some fall
afternoon when I am
seated in a chair by a window. It
will die with me,
unrepeated, these foolish few minutes


through the sprinkler
with the
new cut grass sticking to
your pink and flashing feet;


with your sister in the
heavy heat as the water
falls in fountains drops,
silver drops, a cool
curtain on your children
skins; and I, feeling
childlike, too, in the falling
evening picked you
squealing under arm and
dashed through the water,
too, you two, smiling,
soaking, whooping,


in the fading sunlight
under ash trees rattled
by a hot south wind.
And then it’s gone,
this moment, hustled off
to bed to leave me
later standing at the
window watching your
ghosts dance upon the lawn.

Storytime: Sky, Coughlan, Freese and Asante

Spring, a Girl

The Red Couch

Sweet Cotton


Poetry by Dyer, Classic Conrad, Illustrations by Nero

'Terrier Art' by Pepe Nero

Preface from `Narcissus` by Joseph Conrad

July 2 by Neil Dyer

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